Support surrounds Rockies’ pitcher that is battling cancer

A few weeks ago, Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis announced through Twitter that his cancer had spread, and that he will need to be more aggressive in his fight against his testicular cancer. This also meant Bettis will not be playing baseball for the Rockies come Opening Day.

Chad Bettis – Image Courtesy of The Denver Post

Fans and fellow players alike were both quick to send their prayers and well wishes to the Rockies right-hander through Twitter.

“Sending positive thoughts your way. Keep fighting and stay strong! #Kcancer,” @yungjoc650, Joc Pederson, an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“Prayers up for you my brother… you’re a beast on the mound and that spirit will help carry you though this… Godspeed 🙏,” @SomeKindaWonder, SomeKindaWonder, a rock band.

“All the thoughts and prayers to you man. You can beat this!” – @kangarooklen, A fan of the Colorado Rockies.

As kind as reaching out in support Bettis is, for Rockies fan Jack Holyoke, it is something he has come to expect from the sport he loves.

“It’s what should happen,” said Holyoke. “Players know how big this is. They know how much this guy has to give up. He deserves the support and we all want him to get better and get back to baseball.”

Fan reaction to losing a pitcher is never a good thing, but the main concern is that Bettis gets better, said Holyoke.

“It was a shock,” said Holyoke. “And obviously, the Rockies would have been better off if ‘Bettsy’ could be playing for us, but the main concern is that he stays alive and beats this.”

Ten days after his announcement, Bettis responded to all the messages he and his family had been receiving.

“Wow! I mean WOW people! Thank you so much for everything! The love, support and prayers! My family and I love y’all! We WILL beat this! 👊🏻👍🏻,” @cbettis35.

Even in his Twitter biography, Bettis states that he “will be a TC Survivor.”

For fans, the hope is Bettis can beat cancer and find a way back onto the mound before the season is over.

“We’re all upset that he’s out for now, but we want him to get better so he can get back out there,” said Holyoke.

Dominic LoVallo


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