Who I would choose for the Rangers first pitch

ARLINGTON, Texas- Stacy Oristano is an actress for theatre and television. Born in Arlington she has the qualifications to throw out the first pitch at the Rangers home opener. Known for her acting role in Gilmour Girl’s, Steel Magnolia’s, Bunheads, and Friday Night Lights.

As many know, Texas is known for football and American traditions (football, country music, Texas BBQ, etc.). Ironically Oristano filmed Friday Night Lights in Georgetown, Texas located two and a half hours away from Arlington. 

Rachel Thomas, a journalist form Thought Co. interviewed Oristano in Aug. 2016. Thomas asked Oristano who the first celebrity was that she met. In her response she mentions that her dad was a sports announcer for the Dallas, Cowboys giving her the opportunity to meet the players. She elaborates on the fact that celeberties are really just ordinary people to her.

Her career, and family life may seem to surround the theme of football instead of baseball, but seeing a successful Arlington native honored by throwing out the first pitch would make sense to the special tradition of Opening Day.

Oristano in her role as Mindy Collete By the nervous breakdown.com

-Katie Tercek


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