Fernandez statue to be displayed in Marlins Park

MIAMI, Fla.—Last week the Marlins announced that they will be installing a bronze statue of Jose Fernandez in the plaza of Marlins Park. According to team president, David Samson, the statue of the late Fernandez is expected to stand 9 feet tall.

Many people have taken the time to voice their opinions regarding the statue being erected.  A lot of people think it is a great way to show respect to a player that never got to demonstrate his true talent because he passed so young.  Others don’t think it is right to memorialize a player who only played in the MLB for four years, playing in only 76 games.  Another reason people are against the statue is because of the way Jose died.  No one can deny that he was drinking and driving in his speed boat, in the middle of the night, with cocaine in his system, and killed not only himself, but two other people too.

Typically when teams put up statues in memory of a player, it is a player that spent several years with the organization and was one of the best to ever play.  When I think of players with statues dedicated to their careers, I think of Michael Jordan, Shaq, and Jackie Robinson.  Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in professional baseball and dies 45 years before his statue was erected.  In 60 years, when a little kid is going to a Marlins game and they see the nine-foot statue a Fernandez, they are going to think that he had to be one of the best, when in reality, his career was short lived and although he had a promising future, he made choices that cut his life short.

The Marlins organization has never had a player that deserved statue recognition, so do they want their first one to be erected honoring a player who died in such a controversial fashion.


-Aidan Gould


Giving remembrance with the first pitch in Miami

MIAMI, Fla.–With opening day inching closer and closer some people always wonder who is going be throwing out that ceremonial first pitch for their favorite team this year.

For the Marlins though is it hard to pick just one famous person that was born in Miami because they`re are so many of them.  So it would just be easier to pick someone that was once with in the Marlins organization.

When picking someone with in the organization you want to make sure that you pick someone that everyone there is going to know.  The Marlins have only been around sense 1993 so it does not leave them with an over whelming pool of past greats to chose from. Then I thought of something that had happened last September that had broke the hearts of so many people around the sports world.

That was the death of the Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez who had lost his life in a boating accident.  He was known and loved by all Marlins fans, many people in Miami thought that he was going to be a for sure hall of famer.  With his death he left behind his loving mother Maritza and wife Alejandra.  So if I was going to pick someone to throw out the opening day pitch for the Marlins I would pick them to do it.  Family meant a lot to Jose, his wife and him were very close to his mother.  So by letting Maritza and Alejandra throw out the opening day pitch for the Marlins it would not just be a way of honoring them but also honoring the Jose Fernandez.

Conclusion To The Fernandez Investigation

MIAMI, Fla.- The six-month investigation revolving around the death of Marlin’s Star pitcher, Jose Fernandez has finally come to an end. On the morning of September 25, 2016 the baseball world was shocked after learning about the tragic death of Fernandez and his two friends when their boat was found flipped, just off the shore of Miami. The sudden deaths left many people with unanswered questions.  Many Marlin fans expressed their grief by questioning why Fernandez was driving around in his boat so late at night, at such a high speed, so close to the shore.  They were clearly distraught over the fact that he was so young and appeared to be very well liked and was undoubtedly one of the best young players in the game today.

Last Thursday, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissions finally ended their investigation and answered some of the questions that people have been waiting for. The final toxicology report confirmed that alcohol and drugs were involved in this tragic incident.  Fernandez had a blood alcohol level of .147 and a presence of cocaine in his system at the time of the crash.

In light of this information, it shows that Fernandez was in the wrong of multiple boating law violations, told to us by ESPN.  These violations consisted of Boating Under the Influence, Reckless or Careless Operation of a Vessel, Manslaughter, and Vessel Homicide.  This conclusion to the investigation most likely means that there will now be legal battles between the Fernandez family and the Maritza and Maria families, the relatives of the two young men that were also on board the boat.

The entire matter is a sad and disappointing incident that no one ever wants to hear about.  Three young lives were lost during this terrible occurrence and one talented baseball player will never get to truly show just how great he could have been.


-Aidan Gould

Miami Marlins Outlook

JUPITER, Fla. — The Miami Marlins finished third in the NL East last season and are hoping to get over the hump in 2017 and make a playoff push.  Following the tragic loss of star pitcher Jose Fernandez last September, the Marlins will need to rely heavily on Adam Conley and Tom Koehler to lead their pitching core. As for their offense, they are hoping to see the same Giancarlo Stanton that they got to appreciate back in 2014. Continue reading “Miami Marlins Outlook”