Angels Wednesday Watch: Garret Richards

TEMPE, Ariz.- With spring season just underway, it’s a crucial time to look at the Angel’s squad.

For this week, the player in the spotlight is Garret Richards.

Credit: RantSports

Richards has been the only pitcher from the Angels that has suffered from a tear in his right elbow ligament, and avoided Tommy John surgery. The team is depending on the success of the ace in the upcoming season despite his recent injury.

Richards attended Angels camp this past Tuesday with high hopes for a better 2017. The player now realizes his limits and will strive for a season without any injuries.

According the MLB website, Richards is going to change it up. He has decided to ditch the pitch from his old range. This could be a smart move for the American League player because it’s likely his old pitching way led to his injury.

Richards is making moves to focus on four- and two-seam fastballs.

But, will Richards be able to lead the Angels to victory with just a powerful fastball?

Stay tuned to find out.

-Jordan Vollmer


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